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For Council
St. James Ward


i'm Kurt Morton. I represent



We live in a wonderful city. We have an amazing sense of community, and we're proud Winnipeggers. Looking at our parks, our neighbourhoods, our culture, and our community, it's not hard to see why Winnipeg is getting national and international attention. 

At the same time, Winnipeg is reaching a turning point. The parks, transit systems, roads, and community centres that connect us are getting old.

We continue to pour money into maintaining old buildings and failing assets. That needs to change. Kurt brings a long-term vision to rebuild, consolidate, and improve our assets. Money must be saved through smarter spending, not service cuts.

The city, for sustainable long term health, needs change. Better, more predictable funding from the province. Sustainable growth. A 311 you can easily get in touch with. Accountability from upper management and private contractors.

This election is Winnipeg's chance to think big. Kurt's vision is a city that works for everyone. A vote for Kurt is a vote for a stronger future.


Get in touch

Please watch for my brochure in your mailbox.

I look forward to meeting with you and your families and discussing our visions for Winnipeg.



Stronger Community

  • Upgrade parks and invest in community centres, pools, and libraries to lower user fees and increase operating hours
  • Support proactive crime prevention measures, like community policing and addictions supports including treatment facilities
  • Increased spending on our urban forest, to reduce the loss of mature trees
  • Make councillors more accountable by promoting transparency rules and governance changes

Smarter Roads and Infrastructure

  • Renew and rebuild more roads, sidewalks, and bridges, including pothole replacements that last
  • Separate cyclists from car traffic and investing more in traffic calming to keep drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians safe
  • Better snow clearing for residential roads and sidewalks

Better Transit

  • Invest in transit for more frequent, reliable service that actually gets people where they need to go 
  • Support lower transit fares and/or a low income transit pass
  • Electrify our bus fleet over time in order to reduce annual operating costs



About Me


MY NAME IS Kurt Morton

I work for the city. I was a lifeguard in St James, working at both Centennial and Civic Centre. I currently work in the department of Planning, Property, and Development.

You may remember me from articles such as this where I tried to speak out about the mishandling of the Seven Oaks Pool renovation. 

I have an insider view of how the city functions. I would bring this invaluable experience to City Council.

What I lack in political experience, I make up for in passion. I am running because I care about our city. I want to make it an even better place to live, one that is built for everyone and set up for the future.